Sunken Circles

by Killjoy

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released June 12, 2015

Recorded by Jack Thomas at the Hosscienda



all rights reserved


Killjoy Vienna, West Virginia

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Track Name: Old Gods/New Earth
old gods, new earth
black mass, devour and crush
old gods, new earth
show you fear in a handful of dust


time cracks and crumbles
the horizon rots away
Track Name: Wombs
i am the blood in my creator's eyes
shadowplay, cloak and dagger
halo of dead flies

i exist, persist inside
right behind your children's eyes

left hand path

i am a thief, a breaker of bones
your flesh is my flesh and your blood is my own

good wombs have born bad sons
Track Name: Holywound
this room is freezing and the cold is cutting to the bone
i feel nothing, my heart has hardened into stone

the broken skin the salt
you are my holy wound
the broken skin the salt
you are my thoughts consumed

you said...

every single car wreck reminds me of you
you held on so tight, i'll always be bruised

i am the reason that you can't fucking breathe
and you see the sickness that is lying just beneath
Track Name: Bloodrust
time is a cancer
devour, consume
life is a dull blade running me through
corrupt and defile
slipping away
minutes and hours

heaven's gate, wrapped in chains
let the blood rust in my veins

a life so short
an end so slow
Track Name: Colder Comforts
kiss me, kiss me, kiss me on my broken jaw
fall asleep outside your door
watch the blade of the moon fall
you are absence, you are need
gnaw my tongue until it bleeds
you love the smell of blood on my breath
mausoleum in your chest

but your colder comforts
are comforts all the same to me
your colder comforts
are comforts all the same to me

the wait, the wait and want
Track Name: Berga
muscles ache burn
bones pushing through skin
i passed through these gates to the other side
i won't pass through again

black sun

we march into the ether
the twilight that lies between
i can hear the tongue of the angels
and the beating of their dirty wings
so i let go
Track Name: The Nod
static running, through my veins
slit the throat of my memory
close my eyes, the sweetest sleep
the longest wait, disintegrate

the strength i had
rip the spine from my back

slow motion decay
sleepwalk for days
Track Name: Sunken Circles
bury me standing
i've lived my life
on my knees

on my knees

cast my body into the sea
seven sunken circles to bind me